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IRUAS 2019


Welcome to IRUAS 2019!

We live in a diverse world. Cooperating and interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds has become a matter of course for many people, be it professionally or in their private lives. International competencies are key to living and working together effectively – competencies which all of us should develop, especially in a digital world, where the human factor comes to the center of attention. However, experience shows that the focus often lies on so-called "hard facts" and that the development of crucial competencies tends to be neglected. 


This situation raises several questions for higher education. How can we actively support our incoming and outgoing students to navigate this diverse international environment effectively? How can we best develop their international competencies for them to be effective across cultures and be prepared for a changing world? How can we ensure that study abroad goes beyond partying and turns into a truly life-changing experience? How can we as educators and facilitators have an impact on our students' international education?

IRUAS 2019 invites you to reflect on these questions and to develop solutions which can help us effectively manage our daily challenges and equip our students with the competencies they need in a diverse and ever-changing world. It aims to be a source of inspiration and a networking platform. It provides participants with an opportunity to discuss current and future challenges for internationalization in higher education, to learn from best practice, and to keep up with the latest developments in the field.

Target groups

IRUAS 2019 addresses persons in charge of student and faculty/staff mobility at universities of applied sciences, universities of teacher education, and other universities and higher education institutions. It is open to all faculty and staff interested in the topic of internationalization.
The number of participants is limited to 100.


The conference language is English. However, IRUAS participants are encouraged to live diversity by using Italian, French or German in workshops.

Conference design

IRUAS 2019 strives to use state-of-the-art approaches to create a mix of engaging workshops, inspirational sessions, and networking opportunities in small groups.