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IRUAS 2019



Dinner@Himmapan Lodge

Join us for an apéro and dinner at the beautiful Himmapan Lodge and listen to an inspiring welcome speech by Franco Knie senior, the owner of Knie’s Kinderzoo

Franco Knie senior

Franco Knie (63) can look back on more than forty years as technical director of Knie’s, the Swiss National Circus, and on more than 20,000 performances in the limelight of the circus ring. Today, he has overall responsibility for the business, for catering, and for the Himmapan Lodge in Knie’s Children’s Zoo in Rapperswil. In Rapperswil he was able to fulfil a childhood dream by creating the “Himmapan” elephant park and taking personal charge of the breeding of his Asian elephants. Franco Knie is married, has 5 children, and is co-owner and director of Gebrüder KNIE (Knie Brothers), Schweizer-National-Circus AG.


Himmapan Logde, Knies Kinderzoo, Oberseestrasse 42, 8640 Rapperswil